KPMG Plexus
Managing Partner, KPMG Plexus

Why do I find technical innovation in health care important?
The Netherlands is globally ranked as the number one in expenditures for long term care and is not yet ranked as number one in quality of care. With the aging population, we are facing a major challenge regarding quality and affordability of care for the elderly and disabled people. With elderly and disabled people staying at home longer, informal caregivers (family, friends and neighbors) need the best possible support. Technology can bring high quality care into the homes of many people. This regards preventive measures through for instance wearables, but also formal care (f.i. the general practitioner who provides online consults) and informal caregivers (with platforms like Peerby).

Give an example of such an innovation.
The website provides patients the possibility to consult their general practitioner online. The website  is a platform where neighbours can provide services for each other, in and around the house.

Why the startup tour?
Startups will challenge current health care providers and have a huge impact on the quality of health care. As KPMG Plexus we find it important to connect health care providers and startups to co-create, co-operate and create maximum value for patients collectively.