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What we do
We are building the #1 online platform for trustworthy services at home.
Dinst.nl offers a platform with a wide range of preselected and trustworthy home service providers in well-being such as hairdressers, pedicures and handymen. Every single provider offers a short online introduction video, so their potential clients get to know them.

How we change business as usual
Dinst creates a powerful online marketplace by combining online features and local partnerships with trustworthy homecare institutions.
By doing so, we are fast becoming the foremost national platform for trustworthy services at home. This enables vulnerable people, and their families, to live at home longer and more independently.
Dinst as such also prevents loneliness with its users, and generates a feeling of security at home when their service providers visit them. Moreover, Dinst enables a group of reliable and innovative independent care providers to be found more easily by its specific target demographic.